➳ Entrepreneur & Coach at My Zenature

My name is Camille. I was born on a snowy day in Paris and raised in drizzly Normandy, though with a Corsican side, both mixing into the sweet and radiant person I am today!

  The name My Zenature represents in a single bundle my two biggest passions: Man attempting to find calm and plants (aromatherapy, herbal therapy).

I had the pleasure of participating in a wonderful project led by Anne in Montreal, whose site I invite you to discover along with her magnificent work dedicated to “francostrong” women (only in French). On top of the joy that was given to me for having worked on this project, I had the honour of being put to the forefront as an expat woman. I invite you to go and give it a look!

➳ How I went from employee to freelancer ?

With a passion for human relations, I directed my education towards human resources, only to realize that the human component within businesses was rather meh…

I have tried several careers and worn many hats until I decided to ditch my (second) long term contract one beautiful October day, when I said STOP to the salaried life. Yeah, okay, I’d worked for “big companies”, had a solid network and was being headhunted… but the truth of the matter was that I WASN’T HAPPY with my professional life and I was BORED to tears (Not literally, of course 😉).

That’s when I launched into freelance: Management & Accounting Consultant (my two main “skillsets”) following a job offer that had appeared almost out of nowhere.

And you know what? I LOVED the freedom it gave me, the thrill of finding my clients, the infinite gratitude when I received new emails a few days my clients recommended my work during networking events. Officially the beginning of my moment in the sun!

➳ How I found myself while travelling !

I’ve always had the rather outlandish dream of being able to live and work in another country… Until, one day, that dream came true.

Don’t go thinking it happened overnight, or even within a week or a month! Oh no, it took 5 years until I made it to a point in my life where I felt happy, fulfilled, finally living abroad, loving my job and helping amazing people, each as wonderful as the next, in their desire to transform their lives.

I’ve backpacked through more than 20 countries over the course of the last 15 years while working on discovering and surpassing myself, and lived in 3 countries and through 2 expatriations. I consider my wildest dream, so why not accompany you in reaching yours?
I waited years for my life to change, but now I know that is was my life that was waiting for me to change..
Fabio Volo

➳ My help is Authentic, Efficient and Human

Travelling, my experience with 2 successful businesses in as many years, and my expertise in surpassing oneself and marketing/management/communication have made me into a human Swiss Army knife. In my desire to help others, I deploy the full extent of my knowledge and experience in my training and in the help that I provide.

In the past, I’ve been gripped with very low confidence in myself and my capacities and have dealt with being diminished by others, which led to my trying very hard to go unseen and unheard, unnoticed… As for each person, I had my own barriers that blocked me from truly searching for the light inside me and helping it shine at 300%.

My personal life hasn’t been easy; I’ve had to fight against myself and my inner demons. I also underwent the launching phases of my baby (my business IS my baby, don’t you agree?), pouring my whole heart and all my energy and efforts to reach my goal and find success (a word that can mean many things!).

I’ll tell it to you straight, you want to: ✰ Truly move your life forward ✰ Make your life evolve in the direction that You Have Decided ✰ Learn to let go and keep things in perspective ✰ No longer feel overcome by your emotions ✰ Break a negative generational cycle ✰ Redefine yourself professionally ✰ Create your business ✰ Develop your business

➳ Don’t hesitate a single second more and hit me up so that we can finally talk about your personal project!

➳ My Values


To me, simplicity mostly means honesty and authenticity in regards both to oneself and others.


Being efficient is primordial because this leads to tangible results (when running a business, results are what we like!).


Together we form a team! I provide you with the tools that you then use, we talk about it and move forward!


Listening involves being fully there, available and fully hearing what the other has to say. Beyond that, it is especially about being able to listen to emotions, read between the lines and tone in to those things about you that are more subtle.

➳ The 10 things you should absolutely know about me (or not)

  • Being an entrepreneur is my passion & much more than a job in my eyes.
  • I have a degree in HR, I went to a Business School & I trained in coaching.
  • I haven't had a television in my house in five years.
  • Without my companion who always pushes me a little bit more, I wouldn't be where I am today #loveofmylife
  • All the proposed trainings are related to personal & professional well-being, are created by me alone.
  • I go to the pool 2 or 3 times a week to swim or do an aqua gym class.
  • My ultimate dream is to work from my garden in Canada with the view of the colourful forest.
  • I hate "labels" as a good hypersensitive coupled zebra maid (to remember here I'm Camille and that's it!).
  • I did 10 years of dance cumulated (modern, modern jazz, oriental, ...)
  • When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist.
  • I have a mess in my head between 🇫🇷& 🇨🇦&🇬🇧 ... faults may be present occasionally but I promise I am careful!
They trusted me, why didn’t you?

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